The New Beginnings Program is designed for congregations who wish to re-charge their mission and membership, better minister to the communities they serve, and to truly follow God’s leadership in ministry.

Zion UCC has been involved with the New Beginnings Program since February of 2016.  A church-wide assessment was completed and reviewed by the church membership.  Members also discussed what we are passionate about, what we are best at, and what resources we have available to help us accomplish our mission.

Some immediate outcomes as a result of our New Beginnings process include first-time participation in St. Joseph Imagine Eleven on Sunday evenings during June – August, which consists of 11 evenings of music, refreshments, and providing information to the community about Zion UCC.  We also have a design for tee-shirts that will help us share our mission with our community.  We are also currently planning events in the areas of racial justice, violence prevention, religious diversity, and support of the LGBTQIA community.

We are changing, we are praying, we are serving. . . come join us!